Rewarding Referrals.

Earn money for making referrals. Gain more customers for your business.


What is MegaChain?

MegaChain makes it easy and rewarding to refer new customers to the companies you love. Businesses use MegaChain to reward their happy customers each time they share a recommendation that results in a new customer.

  • Easy-to-use referral platform
  • Accessible via mobile app
  • Unique reward opportunities

Sharing a good thing

When someone makes a referral, the person receiving the recommendation gets a great product or service and the company gets a new client. But what does the referrer get? What motivates them to share recommendations broadly? This is where MegaChain comes in. We turn that scenario into a win-win-win.

MegaChain enables customers to share in the value their referrals create by rewarding them for it. And we’ve created a system that can track the referral even if it’s passed along through a network of friends – rewarding each person who shared the initial referrer’s love for the product or service.

For Referrers

Earn rewards when you recommend the products that you love. Learn more or download the app:

For Business

MegaChain is currently in private beta. Sign up to get your invitation.