For Referrers

Rewards for Referrals from the Businesses you

Be rewarded for sharing your love of products and services with friends and family

For Referrers

Sharing in value creation

We all rely heavily upon recommendations from our friends and family when making a purchase. When you make a referral to a friend you are generating a great deal of value for that business. MegaChain enables businesses to reward you for those referrals.

What is MegaChain?

MegaChain is an easy way for you to share links and recommendations with your friends and earn rewards when people in your network purchase or subscribe with those businesses. You can redeem your points for a range of things including gift cards from major brands, discounts or the ability to turn them into a donation for charity. See…sharing feels good!

How It Works

Referral chains extend the

If the people you refer forward the offer onto their friends, both you and they will earn rewards when a referral results in a purchase of the service or product. This network effect of referral chains (MegaChains) in today’s hyper-connected world means that a single recommendation can have a significant impact. MegaChain enables businesses to reward all people in the referral chain to earn rewards for the part they played in sharing the recommendation.

Example ACME Co offers a $90 referral reward for someone who refers a new customer.



The number of permitted links in a referral chain and pay-out weighting is at the discretion of the business. The default is an unlimited number of links in the referral chain, with the referrer closest to the actual purchaser getting 2/3 of the referral fee, with the rest of the referral chain sharing the remaining referral fee in a similar weighting.

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